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I came to Cindy for help with chronic pain and misalignment, all cascading effects from a frozen and swollen big toe joint. For years, I’d been told that the problem was osteoporosis-arthritis, and that there was nothing to be done.

Challenges like that seem to be right in Cindy’s wheelhouse. She immediately went to work on my toe, gently manipulating it, tracing the sources of tension. Using a combination of a shiatsu massage and NSRT, she coaxed my toe back into alignment, creating space for movement I’d lacked for over 5 years. Once the toe was worked through, she went to work on the rest of my body.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Cindy has changed my life. She is well and deeply trained in human physiognomy, as well as a range of therapeutic modalities. But what is most striking in Cindy is her natural and intuitive healing capacity. She seems to know without asking, precisely where the source of discomfort is.

Her laying on of hands is always extraordinarily subtle and gentle—so much so, that you might hardly believe it could be effective, but the results are undeniable. With a sure hand, Cindy guides her clients’ bodies to heal themselves. It is an incredible gift.

Sarah M


Working with Cindy has been a wonderful experience. Following years of chronic lower back, I have finally experienced relief. While Cindy’s knowledge of techniques is vast, her strongest asset is that she “listens”. With the touch of her hand, she is able to judge the efficacy of a particular approach and modifies her sessions accordingly.

Shirley P


I have chronic shoulder and hip pain/stiffness. Cindy is always able to open those joints up and get them moving freely. It amazes me how easy it is to move after a visit! She has also taught me stretches and strengthening techniques to keep me moving between sessions! I recommend her healing touch to everyone I know and I love giving gift certificates for CLK Healing Hands for birthdays and special occasions!

Chris D


Cindy is the most talented massage therapist whom I have ever worked with – and I have had many massages over the years. She is amazingly skilled at diagnosing complicated problems and then using her magical hands to heal. I have had long-standing problems with tightness that are melting away under her care. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

– Carol R


I am a trainer and colleague of Cindy’s at The Space in Hyde Park. I see Cindy regularly for treatment and happily refer all of my clients to her. Cindy is highly and uniquely accredited. My understanding is that she is one of the few NSRT (Nuero Skeletal Realignment Therapy) practitioners in the country. This particular treatment modality has been particularly effective in helping me personally heal from a shoulder dislocation. Typically, shoulder dislocations rehab estimates full immobilization of the affected shoulder for 4-6 weeks. Cindy treated me 3 times in less than 2 weeks and prescribed specific exercises for me to practice daily in addition to applications of her homemade inflammation reducing ointments; my range of motion has nearly fully recovered without pain. I was cleared to start light resistance training weeks before standard procedure. Cindy is an incredibly gifted healer. I feel fortunate to be under her care and am delighted to refer my clients to her. Extra special recommendation from me. She will give you HOPE once again that you can live and move pain free. Enjoy!

– Jason F


Cynthia Kelly knows thoroughly about the human body and is passionately interested in its healing. Her practice is on a whole other level from conventional massage therapy, which was all I knew about before I went to her. She performed NSR on me which she’d recently been studying in England. It’s a transformative experience. It seems very simple, but it causes amazingly complex things to happen in the body. I had gone seeking some relief from the constant arthritis pain in my hands. Ever since the first session that pain has been gone, and my mobility is like normal with only an occasional trace of stiffness in the thumbs. I’ve seen her four times and each time the experience is different. The most recent time she helped rid me of the remains of a lower back spasm I’ve been getting for years, and I’m confident her therapy will mitigate it for the future.
Visiting Cynthia’s practice is very pleasant. Her office is beautifully lit and calming, and is located in a beautiful, grand old building in Hyde Park.
I’m a true believer: life’s tensions and anxieties lodge in the body and mess you up. Cynthia’s therapy helps your body rid itself of those tensions, re-energize itself, and regain balance.

– Dawn B


Cindy Kelly is a gifted massage therapist and a natural healer, working at The Space in Hyde Park. For the past 6 years both my husband and I have been seeing Cindy for a variety of physical problems resulting from sports injuries, surgeries, or just the strain of over use and misalignment. Truly, her approach has brought relief, relaxation and healing. Her training in a variety of modalities allows her to approach each problem as it uniquely relates to our symptoms. In other words, she is not one of those massage therapists who has their “standard massage” that she does on everyone. Her intelligent and healing hands are able to locate the source of, say, a nagging pain in the lower back, and work wherever her hands take her to release the discomfort. Her massages bring tremendous relief but also, when seeing her several times for a chronic problem, facilitate longer term changes in our bodies that have helped heal chronic injuries.

Cindy is trained in a variety of massage techniques and continues to be an active learner. She is currently involved in a multi-year training in England and is the only U.S. based practitioner of Neuro-Skeletal Re-alignment Therapy. NSRT has promoted greater flexibility and alignment in my 62 year old spine.

Cindy is also a Reike Master and has worked in hospital settings where Reike, an alternative energy-based healing practice, is gaining acceptance as a powerful modality to promote physical and emotional healing. After thyroid surgery Cindy’s work around my scar promoted faster healing of body and mind.

My husband has found lasting improvements in his knee that eliminated pain and allowed him to avoid surgery. While surgery often is the necessary treatment, I highly recommend that people explore what Cindy’s work can do before going in that direction.

We are very lucky to have Cindy in Hyde Park, working at The Space Fitness Center.

– Sally C


Most knowledgeable practitioner I ever encountered, almost surreal. Highly recommended.

– Niko R


Cindy is a thorough professional with an intuitive and highly-trained ability to zero in on the ways my body works (or doesn’t). Through her thoughtful techniques, which involve a variety of disciplines, she has been able to give me relief from pain and greater mobility.
And – it is a welcome hour, free from stress!

Christine S


I’ve been a regular and happy client of Cindy Kelly for over 4 years. Cindy has a truly incredible, experience-based knowledge of the human body and its system of interconnected nerves and muscles, and she has been trained in a wide variety of therapies and techniques – the most advanced ones. Cindy’s greatest strength is her ability to tailor her body work precisely to a client’s specific needs. I enthusiastically recommend Cindy to anyone seeking the benefits of massage therapy or other therapeutic body work. She is simply the best.

Tom S



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